3D Imaging
and Analysis

Even the brightest of magnifying mirrors can’t reveal what’s beneath the surface of your skin, but the good news is that there’s a device that can, and in doing so, can help you take proactive steps to heal and perfect your skin. At Venus Rising Med Spa in Vancouver, WA, we offer 3D imaging and analysis with the PEAR 3D™ system. This device can reveal what’s beneath the surface, so we can help you correct imperfections and achieve beautiful, healthy skin.

What Is 3D Imaging and Analysis?

There’s more to your skin than what you see in the mirror, and a 3D imaging and analysis device can help determine what exactly lies beneath the surface. The PEAR 3D™ system uses advanced digital photography to reveal skin conditions not yet visible from the surface.

The camera can capture in microscopic detail the reality of the state of your skin, uncovering non-visible wrinkles that have yet to reveal themselves at the surface level, clogged pores, and sun damage. It can also expose oil and bacteria levels in the skin and uncover skin tone and pigmentation concerns.

What Are the Treatment Benefits?

It’s easy to live in denial about the health of your skin, but if you want to take steps to improve skin health, you need to face reality. Once you uncover the truth about the state of your skin, you can then take the prescriptive and preventive steps to address primary issues and concerns, prevent future damage, and slow the aging process.

Some benefits of undergoing this treatment include the following:

  • Understanding your skin allows for a customized treatment plan that is prescriptive and preventative
  • A customized treatment plan that follows a 3D imaging and analysis treatment will address your exact concerns
  • The advanced technology reveals skin conditions that haven’t revealed themselves at the surface level
  • The treatment process is quick and painless
  • The results are invaluable and can inform patients of the benefits of a comprehensive treatment plan

How Does It Work?

The PEAR 3D™ skin analysis device uses advanced digital photographic technology to analyze the skin by creating images that capture microscopic details. The device is like a large camera, and during the treatment, you’ll simply rest your chin inside the device as we activate it to take images of your skin. Once it’s over, we can review the results and design a treatment plan to address the findings in the images.

After we make treatment recommendations, and you begin undergoing the right treatments to address the issues revealed by this device, we can schedule follow-up treatments with this device to track your progress. We can compare images to show you the difference the treatments have made in addressing these conditions and continue to take steps to fine-tune your treatment plan.



Perfect Your Skin With PEAR 3D™

Undergoing a 3D image analysis treatment can be the difference between constantly battling your skin and wondering why you can’t achieve your ideal complexion and achieving healthier, brighter, and younger-looking skin. The PEAR 3D™ device can reveal the reality of your skin so you can take steps to achieve a beautiful complexion. We can schedule this treatment to design a plan with the right products and treatments to address your skin concerns.

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